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Schumann’s Big Bang: The Ever-Expanding Universe of Piano Literature for Children

Discover new repertoire for engaging your students as we explore the profusion of piano literature for children composed after the example of Robert Schumann’s Album for the Young, Op. 68. In an attempt to uncover the extent of Schumann’s influence, nearly 250 opuses were reviewed during research for this session. Attendees of this session will hear and explore a selection of pieces from the best collections of music for children – both new gems and time-tested repertoire – that were composed after Schumann’s example.

Method Mining: Uncovering Nuggets of Wisdom in Piano Method Books

This conversational session explores the development of piano methods, beginning with early treatises — such as those by C.P.E. Bach and Carl Czerny — and concluding with piano methods published in most recent decades. Along the way, attendees will have opportunity to together share their insights and experiences with different methods, recognize pedagogical trends across the decades, and uncover many nuggets of wisdom that we can integrate into our teaching. This session is bound to incite feelings of shared nostalgia as well as fresh perspectives on piano teaching.

Grounded In The Beat: Planting & Cultivating the Seeds of Rhythmic Fluency

This workshop discusses three essential components for building a good sense of rhythm in piano students and how an increased awareness of these components can lead to more vibrant and expressive musical performances. This presentation will equip you with new ideas for nurturing expressively rhythmic performers within your youngest beginners as well as your advanced players.

1781761_259238084251962_1015352760_o_1Play More to Play Better: Building Musicianship Through Games

Discover fresh and vibrant games that will engage and challenge your students. During this session, we will learn how to best choose or create music games that will inspire, activate, and spark memorable learning moments. View the handout here.

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App-laudable Uses of Apps in Music Lessons

Come explore a framework for new technology’s incorporation into music lessons. Discover fun apps and ways to assess their usefulness to strike the optimal balance of the exciting digital world and traditional practices.2015 02-10 Joy speaking about iPad apps